3½" Chrome V-Medallion
3½" Gunmetal V-Medallion
2" Chrome V-Medallion

3½" BLEMISHED V-Medallion

      Thinking of painting or powdercoating some of our V-Medallions? We had a batch of 3½" V-Medallions that got scuffed up in shipping. The medallions themselves are fine, just the plated finish is scratched or scuffed. So, we are selling these blemished ones at a discounted price!

Our popular V-Medallions are available in two sizes: 3½" and 2" wide

Our larger 3½" V-Medallions come in two plated finishes: Chrome and Gunmetal
For installation, our V-Medallions have bendable tabs on the back of them. A small slit for each tab needs to be cut through the material you are mounting the medallions to. On the backside of the material, put the backing plates over the tabs, and bend the tabs down to firmly hold the medallions in place. If you want to "sink" the medallions into seat foam, heavy thread can be woven through the slots in the backing plates, which is then used to pull the medallions down into the foam.