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Terms and Conditions

UPDATED October 25, 2022


We stand behind everything we manufacture and sell. If you feel you have a defective product, please contact us via e-mail and let us know the issue you have.

Our standard return policy is 30 days from the date your order is received (delivery date as supplied by USPS, UPS, FEDEX, etc). We will give a full refund minus shipping fees in this 30 day window. If you would like to return or exchange an item, please contact us via e-mail first. Shipping fees are non-refunable, and you must pay for any return shipping charges. All returned items must be in brand new condition, unused, in order to receive a refund. Some items are NOT refundable/returnable. Custom items, such as our aluminum trim that has been cut to size, polished, drilled, etc is non-refundable and all sales are final. Any item that has been altered in anyway is non-refundable. Again, we stand behind our products, so if you have any issues, please don't hesitate to ask.


Our online shopping cart uses standard weight and sizes to predict shipping charges. We also ship large items, like our aluminum trim, that comes in 6 foot long boxes that incur an additional handling charge by UPS. Because of this, sometimes the shipping calculator is not correct. Please understand we may need to charge extra for shipping in rare cases. This is most common with international orders. Or, on the flipside, if you feel you were overcharged, please e-mail us and we will double check the shipping price, and issue a refund if you were overcharged.

Please understand that we have no control over any shipping company. Once we drop your order off with the shipper, it is out of our control!

As of 2022, we are shipping the majority of our orders with UPS. If you have a PO BOX and want it shipped there, enter the PO Box address with your order, and we will ship your order via USPS.

We process orders as quickly as we can, USUALLY the same day they come in. As of 2022, our UPS driver comes around NOON central time, so most orders placed after this time will be picked up the next day. But, we do attend events and trade shows, and may be unable to ship during those events. If you have an urgent order, please email or call us about the order, we will get it out as soon as we can! Krist Kustoms is a very small business, and we do not have a dedicated shipping staff. We are just a mom and pop business (husband and wife/Shawn and Jenna Krist). Staying small and efficient saves you money! If you are outside of the US and place an order, please understand your shipping fees are an ESTIMATE, and please watch your email for a message from We will offer you shipping options, along with prices. We try to stay on top of everything on our website, so if something is out of stock, we make a note of it. But we are human, and sometimes make mistakes! We will notify you if something you order is out of stock.


When you place an order with us, we obviously need your personal information. Address, email, phone number, etc. are NEVER shared with anyone, or any company (with exception to the shipping companies, we give them your address, because they do need it to deliver your stuff!)
We occasionally send out an email to you regarding our products or business. This will often be coupon codes you can use to save money on future orders, or alerts on new products. If you don't want to receive these emails, it is very easy to unsubscribe, and we won't ever bother you again!


We are in the San Antonio metro area. Our legal business address is 216 Schulz St, Marion, TX 78124. While we don't have a showroom or shop that is open to the public, if you are local to the San Antonio area, we can arrange for you to pick up your parts in person. If you need to get in touch with us, or need to send us a return, you can call/text us at 260-490-8888, or email us at Thanks!