Prowler - Two Tone Leather, Porsche Carpet

This Prowler was the most extensive late model interior we have done to date. The entire interior was gutted, and the stock parts and components were either modified or replaced with kustom made parts. The dash was stripped bare, and the stock AC vents were removed and replaced with Krist Kustoms AC vents. A kustom gauge panel "eye lid" was fabricated out of fiberglass, and covered in light tan leather. The rest of the dash was covered in the darker tan leather. The dash trim around the radio and AC controls had the stock AC vents filled, and replaced with Krist Kustoms AC vents. The piece was then painted to match the gauge trim panel. Although the owner chose to replace the air bag steering wheel with a billet steering wheel, the passenger side air bag was retained, and the cover was upholstered to match the dash. The door panels were highly modified, with the center section of the panels being removed and reshaped with fiberglass. Krist Kustoms billet interior door handles replaced the stock units, and Krist Kustoms billet door pulls were also added. The stock speaker grilles found a new home in the dumpster, and were replaced with kustom ones using our perforated oval mesh. The window switches were moved from the door panels to the center console. The center console had a complete makeover, it was filled and smoothed over, then received new power window switches, a Krist Kustoms trim ring, and new shifter boots. A kustom removable cup holder assembly now sits on either side of the console. The seats were highly modified. The stock headrests were removed, and the overall shape of the seats were changed by removing and adding foam. They were then recovered with a pleated center section to give it a classic feel. A funky speaker enclosure that came from Plymouth sat behind the seats. We removed this unit and replaced it with a kustom built unit, utilizing our oval perf for speaker grilles. A faux top boot was fabricated and covered in matching leather to wrap up the rear of the interior.