'40 Ford Sedan - Leather, Mercedes Carpet

We used 4 of our StreamLine Bucket Seats in this 2 door sedan. We added our headrests to the front seats, and all 4 seats received our billet seat medallions. We used our perforated oval aluminum as accents throughout the car. We used original '40 Ford exterior trim for interior accents on the doors, rear panels, head liner, and trunk. The doors feature kustom fiberglass arm rests, some of our oval door pulls, and some Phipps handles. The owner built floor console has some of our stainless cup holders in it, and the rear arm rests that we fabricated also has our stainless cup holders in them. Like most of our trunks, the front panel is removable so the owner can access his wiring. The trunk carpet is actually one giant floor mat so the owner can remove the carpet easily to access his fuel filter and gas tank sending unit.