Our chrome plated dome lights are chrome plated plastic, the same manufacturing process as chrome plated grilles on current production vehicles. Includes bulb, bulb socket, and wire leads. Wires into your headlight dimmer switch, door switches, or separate on/off switch very easily.
Requires a 1 1/8" hole to be drilled for mounting.
Measures 3.75" x 1.5".

The lens is easily removable for bulb replacement.

Upholsterers LOVE these dome lights, because they can be mounted from the front of the panel. This is excellent for custom headliners. With many of our competitors lights, you need access to the backside of the panel in order for them to be mounted, which makes some installtions hard or even impossible.

We use these lights in almost every one of our interiors. Check out our upholstery work gallery and find many examples of them used in the cars we have done!

Our Chrome Dome Lights now have an LED upgrade option!

For only 5 bucks, our LED upgrade directly replaces the standard light bulb.

Our LED upgrade has FIVE LED lights!

LED Upgrade Benefits:

• LONG life span on LED lights, 5000 hours+
• 12 volt, energy efficient, virtually no maintenance
• Low power consumption
• Regular bulbs can get HOT if left on for a long period of time, LEDs stay cooler

The LED Upgrade for our Chrome Dome Light puts out a nice white colored light, as compared to the yellow color of the normal light bulb.