Our Chrome Two-Part Medallions consist of five parts. The outer chrome bezel, the oval insert, a backing plate, and two screws.

Our Two-Part Medallions are 1" x 2"

Our Chrome Two-Part Medallions are customizable! On the far left, you can see the medallion is used with its standard chrome center. The center three medallions show examples of the oval insert covered with different materials. The medallion on the right has a piece of our Oval Perforated Aluminum trimmed to fit inside the medallion. The possibilites are endless!
Installation Tips
First, figure out where you want to mount your medallions. Once you have the right spot located, use the metal plate with five holes that is provided with the medallions as a template. Just mark the position of the outer two holes.
Once the holes are marked, punch out the holes with an 1/8" leather punch.
On the metal plate, feed a piece of heavy thread through the two holes that are shown to the left.
Loop the same thread back through the center hole in the metal plate.
Now, screw the plate back onto the medallion, with the seat material sandwiched inbetween. The thread coming through the center hole will give you something to pull the medallion from behind with. We use an awl to punch a hole in the seat foam, and feed the thread through the hole in the seat foam. Lightly pull the thread from behind to get that "sunk-in" look.