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$30.00 each   $30.00 each

Our Two-Part Oval Seat Medallions were the first medallion we ever offered. The center oval is a separate piece, that can be left chrome, covered in material, or painted to match your vehicle.

We now offer our Two-Part Oval Medallions in two chrome finishes. Standard chrome, and BLACK chrome! Black chrome is different than just black paint or powdercoat. Black chrome is not as "black," as a black paint or powdercoat. It has a really cool dark gun metal look, and still has the depth of chrome.

They measure 1" x 2", and are about 0.35" thick.

Our two-part medallions come with an outer bezel, an oval insert, two screws, and a backing plate. You can use the three center holes in the backing plate to "pull" the medallion into the seat foam. Loop a heavy thread through the holes and you can use this to pull on the seat medallion, and allow it to "sink" into the seat a little. The thread can be pulled and attached to the seat frame, a wood backing plate, etc etc.

The backside of the main oval bezel is shown here. You can see the threaded holes for the screws, and the recessed area that holds the oval insert.