'57 Chevy Convertible- Tan Leather, Mercedes Carpet

We slightly modified and recovered a set of Chrysler 300 seats. We, of course, are partial to using our own seats, but these are probably one of the nicest sets of "junkyard" seats we have ever covered. Nice looks, comfortable, and the hinges are internal...meaning that it is easy to remove the ugly plastic pieces that are on 99% of OEM seats. We did the top in German cloth, covered the rest of the interior in Italian leather, and layed some Mercedes carpet on the floors. We designed and embroidered a Bel Air crest into the seats, and used a chrome Bel Air script on the dash. To clean the dash up, we made insert panels and covered them in leather. As usual, the door panels received sculpted fiberglass arm rests. We used some of our dome lights in the kick panels. The trunk has a removable access panel, and a giant floor mat that removes easily for battery access. The builder/painter of this 57 built and painted the console, but we spiced it up with some leather sides pieces that flow with the arm rests and the shifter cover.