WHITE - $20.00 BLUE - $20.00 RED - $20.00 GREEN - $20.00
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You can find flexible LED light strips like these just about anywhere, but our LED light strips are NARROW!



• Only 3/16" (4mm) wide

• Sold in 24" long strips, $20 each strip

• They can be shortened if desired. Cut lines are marked every 1.125"

• SIXTY LED lights per 24" strip

• Self-adhesive backing

Our LED light strips are available with WHITE, BLUE, RED, or GREEN LED lights.

They come pre-wired with wiring attached to both ends of the strip, so you can string multiple strips together very easily.

The arrows on the left show our LED strips in use. The top picture shows them used in "slots" we created in custom panels in a Camaro, it gave a nice ambient lighting effect to the panels. The bottom picture shows the LED strips mounted underneath the back seat, providing a nice glow of light on the floor.

Lights are spaced only 3/8" apart so you get a nice even glow of light with our LED strips. No spotty lighting with these!
• Our strips are about 24" long or 60cm.
• 60 small little LED lights per 24" strip!
• LED lights are spaced about 3/8" (0.375") apart, or about 1 LED light every centimeter!
• NARROW design allows them to mounted in tight spaces. They are only 3/16" or 4mm wide.
• Our narrow design doesn't sacrifice light output. Our strips are very bright, using low power consumption LED lights.
• 12 volt, energy efficient, virtually no maintenance.
• Can be cut to size about every 1 1/8" (1.125"). Our LED strips are clearly marked where they can be cut (3 LEDs with 1 resistor in series in between each cut)
• Our lights come with wiring pre-installed on BOTH ends, which makes stringing multiple strips together very easy.
• Long life span of LED lights, 5000 hours+
• Adhesive backed, peel & stick! Easy to install.
• Flexible, easy to shape and conform to curves.
• Our LED light strips are pre-wired, so you don't have to solder any wires to tiny LED strips! The wire that is attached to the LED strip is a bit over 2 feet long.