WARM WHITE LEDs are now available. These have a light output similar to an incandescent light bulb.
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$80.00 pair
(Without LEDs)

Grab Handles with
Grab Handles with

Grab Handles with
Grab Handles with
Grab Handles with
Click above to order our grab handles with WHITE LED lights. Click above to order our grab handles with WARM WHITE LED lights. Click above to order our grab handles with BLUE LED lights. Click above to order our grab handles with RED LED lights. Click above to order our grab handles with GREEN LED lights.

Our Grab Handles have a sleek and classy design.
They are sold per pair.
They are chrome plated, and have a subtle bullnose that runs down the center.
We provide hardware with our grab handles, including countersunk machine screws and nylon locknuts.

The handles are just under 7" long, and 1/2" wide.

The moutning holes, measured from center to center, are 5" apart.

Our grab handles protrude 1" from the panel they are mounted on.

The open-area where you insert your fingers to "grab" the handle is 3/4" tall.

Our grab handles are also available with ambient LED backlighting!

Great for night time cruises!

As you can see here, our grab handles are not bulky.
We made them as sleek as possible, but are still a nice functional product used to close your door.
This is the reverse side of the handle, showing the LED ambient backlighting.
Another shot of the handle showing the LED backlighting.
This shot shows the recessed channel on the backside of the handle where the LED strip is mounted. This recessed area "hides" the LED strip itself, but still allows the LED strip to provide plenty of light on your panel.

This is a detail shot of the LED strip we provide with the handles (if you choose to purchase them with ambient LED backlighting).

The LED strips DO NOT come installed on the grab handles. We do this to allow you to use the handles to test mounting locations, positioning, etc, without having to worry about small dangling wires being in the way.

When you are ready to install the handles for the final time, the LED strips have peel and stick 3m adhesive strips on the backside. We recommend cleaning the recessed channel on the handle with alcohol, brushing on a thin layer of trim adhesive on the handle, then peeling the backing from the backside of the LED strip and sticking the LED strip inside the channel.A tiny hole needs to be drilled to slip the wire through the backside of the panel.

The drawing on the left shows the dimensions for the holes that need to be drilled in your mounting panel. The mounting holes are 5" apart, and need to be drilled to 7/32" diameter. The wires for the LED light need a separate hole to be drilled, 1/4" to the inside of one of the mounting holes. This hole for the wires needs to be drilled to 1/8".
Our LED lights come in 4 colors. Match the color with our aluminum trim with LED ambient lighting!
Our LED strips have 3 tiny LEDs per inch. Not too bright, but not too dim. The tiny yellow squares on the left are the LEDs, inbetween each LED is a tiny resistor. The LED strip will get slightly warm if left on for a long period of time, but will never get hot, or even too warm to touch. So you never need to worry about burning or getting your fingers hot when grabbing the handle with the LED lights on.